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Hello, my name is Abrar Abulfaraj. When first diagnosed with MS, I embarked upon the journey of finding out if helping others would offer me solace and a new chance in life. Though giving up is always a persistent option, being helpful heralded me into new realms of giving hope to others. As people, we need support to reduce our pain and discomfort. My ambition is for patients and healthy people to learn how to live together and help one another. 

If You Care is a DC Web Fest 2018 Golden and Local Hero awards winner. It's my thesis project as an MFA candidate in Film and Electronic media at American University, Washington D.C. It has been an honor and pleasure working with my mentors throughout the process and learning from their experiences. 

I'm also appreciative of the effort that the If You Care' team has put into the project.


Washington D.C.

  • Associate Professor and Director of the film and media arts division

  • Expertise: Screenwriting and Graduate Thesis Projects. 

Washington D.C.

  • Associate Professor and Division Director, Film and Media Arts Division

  • Expertise: Digital Media and Editing. 

Washington D.C

  • Assistant Professor, School of Communication.

  • Film Expertise: Filmmaking and Motion Graphic. 

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  • Lecturer as a teaching faculty in the Biological Sciences Department at King Abdulaziz University and a PhD candidate in The Bioscience Department-King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

  • Expertise: Educational Leadership, Biotechnology, Cell Biology. 

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Noura Malatani

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Logo Graphic Designer.

Ghadi Joudah

Washington D.C.

Multiple Sclerosis PSA narrator and website content editor.

Raood Jokhdar

Washington D.C.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purport PSA narrator. 

R. Kayeen Thomas

Washington D.C.

Rheumatoid Arthritis PSA narrator.

PSA's Crowd Narrators

Washington D.C.

  • Diana Eaton

  • John Jt Davis 

  • Esraa Abulfaraj

  • Reema Binmahfooz

  • Abdulmahseen Alhamrani.

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*Photo credit: Musab Al-Majid